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Freelance Artist and Illustrator

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(The Artist.)

I am a freelance artist and woodland creature living in the desert of Arizona. I used mixed media, acrylic paint, and digital tools to design and illustrate. I am an adaptable and intuitive artist who plays with style and genres. 

The story up until now:

I went to school for international business and entrepreneurship and spent the first decade of my career working in small companies. In 2021 (with a nudge from Covid and subsequent unemployment) I decided to move away from the business world and commit to being a full time artist.

I’ve spent this time building my skills and a portfolio of commissioned works. Lately I’ve been teaching art to students of all ages. There's a 100 year age gap between my youngest and oldest students: I've taught classes 2 year old toddlers, and classes to senior citizens, including a 102 year old life-long learner.

My work: 

My work often uses local environments and nature to explain very personal feelings as well as wider issues. I tend to make art that seeks to bring awareness of the importance of wildlife and untouched wilderness to the public. I want to create things to enrich the lives of viewers, by making them imagine a wilder, stranger, more natural existence within our daily lives.

All of this has the end goal of continuing to do what I love - which is telling beautiful, weird, loving, strange stories through art.


When I'm not creating art or comics, I'm outside in the sunshine doing AcroYoga, hiking, camping, gardening, trying to make friends with a wild animal, attempting to forage wild plants without dying, or getting lost while exploring someplace I probably shouldn't be. 

I'm available for commissions, design work, and illustrations! Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or available artistic and creative opportunities. 


Interested in freelance art, illustration, design, or commission work? Fill out the form and I'll get back to you in a jiff.

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