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Hi, I'm Dakota.

I create websites and marketing materials that are eye catching, bold, accessible, and exciting. My approach to team work environments is the same: make something open, transparent, inclusive, and fun.

Where ever I work, I want to have fun with my coworkers, and I want to see something weird everyday. It's a pretty simple philosophy that I've developed over years of working hard at jobs of all shapes and sizes.

I’ve always been fascinated by start ups and small businesses. I wanted to know exactly how to get them off the ground, and what it takes to keep them going. I’ve been working for small businesses for my entire career, and now I work with them to find their voices and their audiences.

I’ve worked all kinds of positions, but the main underlying theme in each job is creatively making processes that work for everyone. I design usable processes that scale to any size the business grows, and works for everyone within that business, no matter what department. This has been hugely important in the startup environments that I've helped grow.