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Poster print of an acrylic painting of the map from the video game Chrono Trigger. The painting was done by hand using photo references from the game.


Poster measures 16"x20"


Print has been very slightly digitally altered for clarity, just as removing glare from the photo of the painting.



*This is not an original work of mine. It is a shot from the video game, rendered in paint.

Chrono Trigger 600 AD Map

  • Orders are fulfilled twice a week. Depending on what day you place your order, your items will be shipped within 0-4 days. 

    Orders are typically sent via normal USPS snailmail with exceptions for larger quantities of prints, or for paintings.

    If ordering a small number of prints, you may not see a tracking number. This is normal! If you are within the continental US and havent received your order within 7 days, please reach out.

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