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A well made site with top-notch, accessible content will outweigh any "SEO hacks." This is also where digital accessibility can be of great importance; making your site easy to find and easy to use go hand in hand.


The launch of this site provided a clean slate to work from - but it also meant working without any existing audience. This provided and opportunity to work the SEO and accessible elements in from the get-go. This meant writing good content from the start and keeping that content updated. It meant that all the images were optimized and had appropriate alt text. It meant that relevant, highly searched keywords were sprinkled throughout the site in a way that brought more visitors but wasn't noticeably bulky. The launch of the site went well and along with social media efforts, this site is very searchable.

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This was a refresh of a +10 year old website. When the name of the site was searched for on Google, the site didn't show up for the first four pages. There was an issue that the site went by multiple names, so users couldn't be sure which one to search for.
To fix this, the navigation needed reworking to be easier to follow. I decided upon one name for the site and made that the brand standard across the whole site and all the online marketing. The content was edited to be more readable and descriptive. Links were fixed and meta tags were added. Header tags were rearranged. The images were completely switched out for higher quality, optimized images.  Titles, descriptions, and even contact info were written. Within days of completion, the changes produced better SEO results - including showing up on the first page of Google - and a higher volume of sales related calls.

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