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Social media is the personality of the brand. It's a place where a company can stretch the confines of the brand standards to be in personal contact with their audience.
I run social media accounts for companies where I created campaigns that drive awareness and engagement (and ultimately sales), and I have audited companies' social media presence and gave feedback on how to increase user engagement. 
Check out some examples of companies I've worked with to shape their social media strategies below.

Building Community Through Positive Messaging

AcroYoga is a a different kind of fitness for a different kind of person - so I asked: why not make the marketing different?  Instead of showing already fit people breaking a sweat, on Facebook and Twitter I made posts that celebrated people of all body types, strengths, abilities, ethnicities, and genders. They played. They fell down. They giggled. They were silly. They found friends and a community. This helped make AcroBody a welcoming place that invited first time user to try it out, and kept ongoing patrons in the loop.


AudioEye targets businesses looking to make their website content accessible to individuals with disabilities.

#ADA30 was a month long campaign during July 2019 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act. My goal was to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to highlight the real activists who led the efforts to pass the ADA, the people with disabilities who were showing the world that they could and would take matters into their own hands when it came to getting the equal rights they deserved.
This campaign served to bring awareness of the importance of digital accessibility. It was an important factor in increasing site visitors from social media platforms by 148% from June to July.

Eternity Collars
E-Commerce Marketing

Eternity Collars are purveyors of high-end, discreet jewelry for those in alternative lifestyle relationships. Classiness, discretion, and luxury is at the forefront the brand but on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but there was always room for a little playfulness. I connected with audiences by creating posts that invited interaction.

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