My goal: creating an intuitive online flow that's a joy for users to follow. 



Global Chamber's website is a place where business owners from all over the world can connect and share in order to grow globally. The user experience needed to convert these business owners into members through an e-commerce portion of the site, and connect Executive Directors worldwide to host events and workshops for these members. I created a user flow that users of all different global backgrounds could easily access and find trustworthy. I did this by walking through the online buying process myself to find gaps in UX writing and navigation. This made it easy for anyone to connect with a local chapter and sign up for events and membership.

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This was a refresh of a +10 year old website. The pages needed to include an update of all the service offered. The navigation needed reworking to be more clear. The content and images needed rewriting and remaking. Even the color pallet needed to be less heavy and more invitingly professional. In the end, the changes produced better SEO results and a higher volume of sales related calls.

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In this build from the ground up, this site wanted an instinctive experience for the audience and interesting look that would make them standout from competitors. While the layout is easy to follow, the design is bold and different - just like the company wanted.

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