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Whether it's an informative and entertaining blog, concise website navigation, professional Standard Operating Procedures, or webcomics, I've written copy for just about every audience.


Blogs are the most interesting to when they're used to inform and educate - not just to sell.
Great blogs are key to explaining what a company is all about and establishing it as a foremost voice in an industry. Click the button below to check out some of my blogs on

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Email marketing is a strong tool to keep your customers in the loop and  it's also a fantastic tool for learning exactly who those customers are. That may sounds backwards - shouldn't you already know who you're sending these emails to first? Actually, segmenting your email audience by touch points on your site and in your sales process can help define who's looking at what products and services you offer. Contact me to learn more about how a strong email segmentation strategy can positively effect the rest of your marketing mix.

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Clarify and confidence - but not cockiness - are what a site's content is all about. It can tell your audience what your company does, but it also tells a story. I've helped refresh site copy for better messaging, like in the case of, as well as writing all of the copy from scratch on

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